1919 BSA Military Roadster

1919 BSA Military Roadster with Eadie Coaster Brake

During WW1, an option was provided upon enlistment to buy your own bicycle on hire purchase. Many bicycles in military use were in civilian trim.

This post-WW1 military BSA with a ‘WD’ frame number is a good example, still showing its original black paint rather than army green. The specification for the Military Roadster is a mixture of various options in the BSA catalogue, ie detachable gear case, Eadie Coaster hub, Brooks B90 saddle.

The paintwork has lasted well for a 90-year-old machine, and it still has its original box-lining. Though faded, all the BSA transfers around the bike are discernible.

You can easily tell when a bike is fitted with a coaster brake – there’s only one brake lever.



Except for the gear trigger on the crossbar, the appearance of the Military Roadster is similar to the Gent’s Modele de Luxe.

While researching Alldays & Onions, a company that supplied the government with military bicycles and also made a name for themselves with tradesmen’s bikes, I discovered that their military bikes were essentially the same as their trade bikes but without the basket frames. I had suspected this to be the case, and I assume that the military BSA was also similar to BSA’s Tradesmen’s model and the heavy-duty Policemen’s model; you can see the catalogue pictures for both at the bottom of this page.

Though the chain-guard transfer has mostly faded away with time, the BSA name still shines through.



Although you wouldn’t guess its military origins from the original black paintwork, the ‘WD’ prefix on the frame number denotes that it was a military bike.



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