1914 BSA Lady’s Roadster Bicycle

1914 BSA Lady’s Roadster Bicycle Model No. 4D

I noticed a saddle at a jumble with a label saying ’1910 BSA.’ Chatting to the seller I discovered he had the whole bicycle minus its saddle and a few other parts. So I immediately bought it, without seeing it. Plus, of course, its saddle.

I was delighted when I went to collect it the following week and saw it for the first time. Though it looks to me more like a 1914 model than 1910.

It certainly does not deserve to be broken for spares. Though that is the sad state of affairs these days – whole bicycles are rarely worth as much as their components sold separately.

It has now been restored mechanically, with the original paintwork intact. It didn’t have its saddle post, so I fitted a later straight tube to reduce the saddle height. When I have time, I’ll also install a gear trigger and set up the gears.





1910BSA copy2

1910BSA copy3

1910BSA copy1



The following ad illustrates the similar 1914 Ladies BSA

And, to compare, its Gents counterpart