1942 BSA Airborne R22712. SOLD

1942 BSA Airborne R22712

with Three-Speed Hub

This BSA Airborne has been set up for riding as well as display.

It is fitted with a Sturmey Archer three-speed hub, and the pedals are reproduction ‘sliding pedals’ – ie they do not slide, but can be unscrewed and replaced with oridinary pedals for easier cycling.

The frame has been repainted. It has a few scratches here and there, but overall is in good condition. It was painted in household paint and if you want to finish it off you can paint a final coat in khaki.

I’ve ridden it over the fields, and it rides fine.

However, I can see why this model was unpopular with soldeirs during WW2- the sliding pedals are harder to use than ordinary pedals, and it would have been very hard to use off-road without gears.

The front tyre holds air, but will probably need replacing sometime soon. Otherwise the bike is fine.

If you buy it and pay accordingly, I can deliver it for no charge to War & Peace Show next week. Alternatively, it can be packed and shipped anywhere in the world.