1947 Mk.V* Army Medic’s Roadster

1947 Mk.V* Roadster

28″ Wheels

Frame Number T46357




This Mk.V* Roadster is kitted out and badged the same as the Mercury Roadster on the previous page. The Mercury marque started in 1946. I’m not sure if that means this Mk.V* is of similar vintage, or if it was a bicycle made earlier that ended up being used for the same purpose.

The designation Mk.V* is applied to a bike with two lever brakes, while Mk.V is used for a bike with one lever brake and a coaster brake in the rear hub.

If not clearly marked, it can be very difficult to determine both the age and identity of bicycles. There were an estimated 15,000 manufacturers in Great Britain alone; many companies made bikes for other companies. The vast majority of records no longer exist. Only a minority used sequential frame numbering.

Military bikes can be even more confusing as different companies often made bikes to the same approved pattern.



I assume this bike is a BSA as it has a BSA chainwheel (above) and its pattern seems the same as my other BSA’s. But the only definite thing I’ve learned so far about bicycles is that nothing is definite 🙂





The Mk.V is on the left and the Mercury on the right. They both have the same type of first aid box on their rear rack. The racks have cut-outs so that a rifle can be mounted alongside.