1910 Dursley Pedersen Gents Cantilever

1910 Dursley Pedersen Gents Cantilever Standard No. 4

This 1910 Dursley Pedersen has been nicely restored. The handlebars, in particular, stand out: their nickel plating is superb.


Rather than the upright handlebars of the later Pedersens, in 1910, the machines sported these drop-handlebars with inverted levers.


Appleby, Westmoreland, writes :-

“I have ridden high-class makes of the ordinary cycle, but must confess that I did not fully realize the pleasure of cycling until I had a Dursely Pedersen. I have ridden it on all kinds of roads and in all weathers, through mud, slush and snow, and have had no troubles.”


This Pedersen is ready to ride.

The No 4 Pedersen was designed to be ridden by men of average height.  Though these bikes look tall, you sink into the saddle once you start riding.

Further down the page, you can see a video of it riding. A friend who works at a local bicycle shop saw me out with it, and asked if he could ride it. So I took a short video of him. He is 5′ 6″ tall.



To read about the history of Dursley Pedersen,

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1914 Dursley Pedersen






The saddle was professionally restored.





It would even suit someone less than 5′ 6″ as (you can see above) it is fitted with a step.