1943 BSA Airborne Folding Paratrooper Bicycle R36767. SOLD

1943 BSA Airborne Folding Paratrooper Bicycle R36767


I have assessed R36767, and this is my report:

This bicycle still has its original paint: it’s in very good condition for a 1943 bicycle.

The front and rear transfers are still readable. The BSA seat tube transfer still has its gold leaf.

Every component is original, with the exception of the reproduction handlebar grips. The grips are good reproduction resin BSA Airborne items.

It is fitted with a Brooks saddle.

The tommy-bar operates freely so you can turn the handlebars for folding the bike.

The sliding pedals are original, they slide freely and lock open in the extended position.

The wheels are good.

SUMMARY: this bike is in excellent unrestored condition. It folds easily, and is ready to ride. It is very original, and good mechanically.

If you want a bike to restore into a bright and shiny machine, it would unfortunately be easy to use this bike. But it would be criminal! Original paint bikes like this are so rare to find – its investment value is in its originality.


I hope you can see all you need from the photos provided on this page. Any questions, please contact me as below.

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Photo Location: In front of the machine gun emplacements on top of Bishopstone Station, Seafield E. Sussex

This station was opened on 26th September 1938 and was intended to be the centrepiece of a proposed residential development that never took place due to the outbreak of WW2. In 1940, a pair of ‘pillboxes’ were constructed on the roof of the main station building, flanking its octagonal tower. Despite the times, considerable effort was made to blend these into the original structure, and they are thus well camouflaged.