1937 BSA Carrier Bicycle Model 718A

1937 BSA Carrier Bicycle Model 718A

I was interested in getting an equal wheel BSA Tradesman’s bike to go with my low gravity carrier. But, after that experience (see the following page), I was wary of buying another one without seeing it first. Luckily, this one was in Titchfield, close enough to view in advance.

On inspection, I discovered it was very much better than its ebay description (which had only one photo and minimal information). So I knew I was in with a good chance in the auction, and I subsequently bid enough to win it.


It also needs some work, but is in excellent condition for its age. I’ll update this page once I’ve done something to it.





Delivery bikes invariably had a hard working life. Parts were often fitted to keep them on the road. Of course, fifty years ago, an owner wouldn’t care if a replacement chainwheel, for example, was from a Gundle carrier rather than a BSA. Attention to period detail on old vehicles is a 21st century phenomenon.

When the manufacturer’s transfers have worn away, it can be difficult to tell what make of bike it might be: most tradesman’s bikes were made to similar specifications. But one feature of tradesman’s bikes that can often help with identification is the front carrier frame. So here are some photos of the distinctive BSA front carrier frame from various angles…