1902 BSA Ladies Spring Frame

1902 BSA Ladies Spring Frame

Cycling magazine announced: ‘A spring frame (invented by Dr. Mansell-Jones) was exhibited at the Stanley Show in 1900 and a considerable quantity were produced. The top tube and both seat stays were telescopic, containing coil springs with pivots at both ends of the top tube, at the top of the seat stays and at the bottom of the down and seat tubes.’

This bicycle has now been restored, and I’ll update the photos and description in due course

As you can see, this bicycle requires a major restoration. It’s currently in my workshops, and I hope we’ll finish it sometime this year.

I’ve now found all the parts needed, but several hundred hours of work still ahead. At least it has its handlebar grips 🙂


Linley and Biggs’ original ‘Whippet’ was introduced in 1885, one of the first Safety bicycles to incorporate shock-absorbing springs in the frame. This was an important innovation which helped to overcome the problem of vibration and rider discomfort experienced with the new smaller-wheeled Safety bicycles. Together with the advent of the shock-absorbing pneumatic tyre in 1888, this contributed to a boom in the popularity of cycling. Here are some early examples of Spring Frame Bicycles.

I believe the spring frame was patented in 1885 by O. Macarthy.

1885 Whippet

1889 Midland Don Spring Frame No 2

1889 Horseley No.1 Spring-frame Dwarf Safety

1889 Weston Spring Frame

c1890 The Chicago Bicycle Co ‘Worth’ Spring-Frame Safety

Taylor, Cooper & Bednell `Raglan` Spring Frame No.6

1891 Quadrant Spring Frame

1892 Premier-Thompson Spring Frame Model H

Patrick & Son Cremorne Spring Frame Safety

1892 Burton Spring Frame

1895 Humber Spring Frame Safety

1903 Polworth Spring Frame

1905 Wootton Spring Frame

Early spring frame bicycle photos courtesy of VCC